Free Meditation in Miami

Welcome to Miami Meditation!

We give free classes in the Miami area 4-5 times a year.  Please do not be discouraged if we do not contact you immediately after you log in.  We will definitely call you once we have the venue, dates and times of the classes.


1. Breathing exercises:  exercises using your breath to calm emotions and thoughts and to bring forward and strengthen positive qualities.

2. Mantra and music:  using spiritually charged words, phrases, music and songs to calm the mind and bring forward the consciousness of our deeper self.

3. Visualizations:   guided exercises to help you connect to your inner spiritual heart.

4. Enlightening life’s habits:  We tend to think that we are stuck with our physical, emotional and mental habits and limitations, some of which can be destructive or distracting when we aspire to lead a spiritual life.  But, we can change for the better using our inner capacities and permanently transform bad habits.  In the classes, tips are shared for accelerating this process using meditative techniques.

5.  Meditating in the Heart:  All techniques taught in our classes focus on connecting to the heart center (chakra), the safest and easiest energy center for practicing meditation.  With regular practice, your experience and understanding of this vast dimension of your own consciousness will unfold and expand.


Our Classgivers

The Miami classgivers have been studying and practicing meditation as students of Sri Chinmoy for more than 40 years and have been offering instruction as a public service in south Florida since 1976.

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Aphorism of the week

” We do not have to go

To an Himalayan cave to meditate-

Our sacred heart is the best place.”

~ Sri Chinmoy
[Poem # 49429 from Seventy-Seven Thousand Service Trees]

We cordially invite you to watch a truly inspiring film that highlights Sri Chinmoy’s experiences in the field of weightlifting, CHALLENGING IMPOSSIBILITY.

Sri Chinmoy was inspired to take up weightlifting at the age of 53, and, surprisingly, as he aged he became stronger.  His lifts of planes, animals, dumbbells and people were often featured on evening news programs around the world.  The film teaches us that we can challenge and overcome impossibility using the power of the heart and meditation.  The film features appearances by Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu as well as bodybuilding and Olympic legends.

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By Sanjay Rawal