Activities & Resources


(Bronze statue of Master Sri Chinmoy in Nagarkot, Nepal, with mountain Ghenge Liru in background.  Photo by Jowan Gauthier.)


1. Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home Peace Run

The Oneness-Home Peace Run was founded by Sri Chinmoy in 1987 with the purpose of promoting humanity’s inextinguishable yearning for a peaceful and harmonious world-family. The biennial Peace Run is made up of teams of runners who carry a lighted Olympic-style torch (The Peace Torch) through nations and across continents, passing the Torch hand-to-hand at schools, seats of government, houses of worship and special events.  To date, the Peace Run has visited more than 150 nations and touched the lives of millions of people.

Sri Chinmoy has written, “Peace does not mean the absence of war.  Peace means the presence of Harmony, Love, Satisfaction and Oneness.  Peace means a flood of love in the world family.”

The Peace Run has won the support of Popes Francis I and John Paul II, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, South African President Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa, European Council President Herman van Rompuy and U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan.

The Florida Sri Chinmoy Centres have been active in organizing and participating in Peace Run activities since its inception more than 30 years ago, especially in the southeastern region of the United States.

2.  The Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team

Sri Chinmoy was the decathlon champion for several years in the ashram where lived in India.  He has always taught that our bodies should be kept fit and healthy so that they can serve as instruments for the soul’s Light we receive during meditation and which we offer to the world through our outer activities. “A spiritual person has to give equal importance to both the body and the soul.  If the physical consciousness does not aspire, it will remain separated from the soul.  Then rest assured, you will never be able to achieve perfection.  So physical fitness and spirituality must go together.”

Since 1977, the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team has pioneered these principles by offering a wide variety of races, ranging from the 2-mile Self-Transcendence Runs to the king of all officially monitored ultramarathon races, the annual 3100-Mile Race in New York.  Some chapters of the SCMT also organize long-distance swims and triathlons.

3.  Humanitarian Service, Oneness-Heart Tears and Smiles

Spirituality and self-giving are inseparable. This organization, founded by Sri Chinmoy in 1991, specializes in offering material help to those who need it in the form of development and economic recovery, disaster relief, education and health care.  A special program “Kids to Kids” connects children in different nations.

4.  The Sri Chinmoy Centres

The Sri Chinmoy Centre has organizations in more than 50 countries.  You can check out their activities, including meditation classes, concerts, races and commercial enterprises by visiting this website.


  1.  Sri Chinmoy’s Writings 

Sri Chinmoy has written more than 1600 books including the genres of Prose, Lectures, Poetry, Plays, Commentaries, Stories and Interviews. Everything he wrote is about the spiritual life, expressed in surprisingly simple and accessible language. He particularly addresses the seeker aspiring for deeper self-discovery.  The greatest part of his work is in poetry and aphorisms with more than 100,000 poems, written over a period of more than 50 years.  The website is user-friendly and organized so it can be searched by subject, quotations or book titles.  More than  95% of his output is available and can be downloaded and printed for free.

2. Sri Chinmoy on video 

Fortunately, a great number of Sri Chinmoy’s activities are available free as video documentaries.  These include conversations, talks, meditations, concert performances, interviews and a host of other activities.

3.  Sri Chinmoy’s Art

Beginning in 1974, Sri Chinmoy began drawing and painting as part of his self-offering to inspire us to dive deep within to experience the inner source of our creativity and our existence.  He called his art Jharna-Kala, Fountain Art, art that springs directly from the soul’s light deep within all of us.

4. Sri Chinmoy’s Songs

Sri Chinmoy wrote more than 25,000 devotional spiritual songs, about a third in English and the balance in his native Bengali. He felt that soulfully sung spiritual songs were as powerful aides to the seeker as prayer and meditation.  On this website, the majority of his songs are present, many in conventional music notation that can be downloaded and printed as aids to contemplative practice.

5.  Recordings of Sri Chinmoy’s and his students’ performances

6.  Purchase Sri Chinmoy’s Books and Music