Our Classes



The classgivers are Drishti and Durjaya Pliske who have been studying and practicing meditation under the guidance of Sri Chinmoy since the early 1970s.

DRISHTI PLISKE  has taught has taught meditation throughout Florida  for more than 30 years.  In addition, she has taught hatha yoga (YogaFit With Drishti) in the Miami area since 2004, and from 1989 – 2003, she owned and operated a health food store, Man’s Health Is God’s Wealth.  She has also been trained in art, herbal medicine and floral arrangement

DURJAYA PLISKE (Professor Pliske) has taught meditation in south Florida with his wife for more than 30 years and has taught  natural sciences at university level since 1968.  He has travelled throughout the world studying tropical ecosystems and is currently lecturer emeritus at Florida International University.  He is a publlished poet and is currently writing a book on spirituality and Nature.


Q:  There are many approaches to meditation.  Please describe your approach.

A:  We call it “heart-centered” meditation.  We do not use a particular word or mantra.  We try gradually to quiet the mind and concentrate upon and enter into the spiritual heart.  The techniques we teach are all designed to facilitate this process.

Q:  Who is Sri Chinmoy?

A:  Sri Chinmoy is our meditation teacher.  There is information about his life, philosophy and activities here.

Q:  Is this a religion?

A:  Not at all.  Meditation is simply a process we use to look within.  It is something that anyone can learn to do regardless of their faith.  The truths that we discover in meditation are interpreted by each of us according to our own individual nature.

Q:  Do I need to to prepare or bring anything with me?

A:   Take a shower if possible, but if you are coming from school or work, no problem.  Wear clothes that are loose-fitting and comfortable.  The bottom line is to bring with you a desire to learn something new about yourself.

Q:  Why are the classes FREE?

A:  The inner wealth of our heart and soul is our own birthright and cannot be bought or sold.  However, to access this inner wealth, determination, personal effort and sincerity are definitely required.  These qualities constitute the only “fee”.